June 26th, 2013



Here's some information on the sequel to STRIKE THREE, YOU'RE DEAD. First: the title! It is called SAY IT AIN'T SO. This is a famous baseball quote supposedly uttered to 'Shoeless' Joe Jackson regarding the crooked 1919 World Series. Maybe it was never actually said, but it is a part of baseball lore. It is also a pretty good Weezer song. And it works as the title for this book because besides the baseball connection, one of our heroes is accused of some wrongdoing! Say it ain't so!

Second: the cover. Check it out!

Thirdly, a brief description: "Lenny, Mike, and Other Mike are back in school for the glory that is seventh grade, and this year, Mike is determined to make catcher on the middle-school team. When Mike's hard work pays off and he wins the coveted position  Lenny is a little jealous, but he'll settle for being the team's unofficial announcer.

The team has a brilliant new pitcher, Hunter Ashwell, and though he's a bit of a jerk, he and Mike have a great pitcher/catcher dynamic that could make the team champions. But things take a strange turn when Hunter's perfect pitching streak goes downhill, and Lenny suspects foul play—specifically, someone stealing Mike's catcher signals. But who could be responsible, and why?"

Fourthly: the library subject headings, which are always fun (for me anyway) to read for a new book of mine. From the Library of Congress:

  • Baseball --Fiction.

  • Best friends --Fiction.

  • Friendship --Fiction.

  • Sports --Corrupt practices --Fiction.

  • Mystery and detective stories.

Corrupt practices! How cool is that??

Fifthly: The release date! It's March 11, 2014. Mark your calendars. MARK THEM.