May 16th, 2014


I KNOW YOUR SECRET (Parsippany-Troy Hills Public Library)

Yesterday I visited the lovely Parsippany-Troy Hills Public Library and did a really fun writing workshop with a group of young kids. (Some as young as third grade!) They were hilarious and creative and fun! Here's what we came up with. We could have definitely kept going -- they had great ideas!


      subject: I KNOW YOUR SECRET

Hey Missy. You are so busted. I have some information about your parents that I think you want to keep secret. Everyone thinks they work for the museum, but I know they are smugglers, stealing ________ and selling them on the black market. I only have one demand. Get me the key to the treasure chest in the museum. Meet me at the dinosaur exhibit tomorrow at midnight or else…

                                                                                 Sincerely Yours,

    As soon as I finished reading the email, I didn’t feel so good. My heart pounded like a dinosaur stomping on the earth. Some people say they have butterflies in their stomach when they’re nervous. This felt more like tigers clawing at my intestines.

   Was the letter true? Were my parents really smugglers? I had overheard them talking suspiciously once, but I was sure they said “snuggling.” Maybe I had it all wrong? I knew one thing. There was no chance I was sneaking in to the museum in the middle of the night. Dinosaur bones freak me out on a good day.

         This was definitely not a good day.