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2010: A look back over lunch

Today at lunch I was talking to my dad about my event yesterday at Chester County Book & Music Company. Sharing the stage (OK, it wasn't a stage, but it was a very stately table) with A.S. King was a blast, as you can well imagine if you know her. The Chester Co. book store is an amazing book store and there was even pizza. And homemade cannolis! And it was so fun to meet readers and writers. I think there will be a recap on First Novels Club soon, because Donna was taking notes, so I won't do the full recap :) *She better have been taking notes, and not just typing I'M BORED I'M BORED I'M BORED into her netbook a million times. j/k! :P

Instead, I will just say this: My dad said "was this the last one for the year?" And I was like "You know, I think it was." So here in mid-December we approach the end of my debut year. My book came out in early February so I had almost a full calendar year of book events and whatnot to look back on. Dad and I were curious about how many in-person events I did this year so I looked through the calendar and the final tally comes to: (drum roll) thirty-three! That's a lot of events if you ask me! I did signings at bookstores, talks at libraries, presentations at conferences. I did panel discussions, writing workshops, and summer reading club parties. I did used car sales and bar mitzvahs (not really). Oh, I did do an online conference which was amazing. So thirty-four if we count that one, which we should, because even though I didn't leave my basement, I did don a velvet suit.

So it's been quite a year. It was a great time and I enjoyed meeting every single reader and was so honored to share the stage (or the table) with the wonderful community of writers I've been initiated into. There wasn't even that much hazing! Except for the time Eric Wight made me eat kangaroo. Kangaroo actually isn't even half bad.

Anyway, I love New Year's, and the way it makes us wistfully look back and excitedly look forward. So here's to an even better 2011, but for now, I'm taking a rest.

HNY! (that means "happy new year," not "hot nude yoga," ok, it means both)

UPDATE: Amy's blog post about the Chester Co. event is here! http://www.as-king.info/2010/12/hi-how-are-you-im-fine.html It has pictures! And it reveals my SECRET NICKNAME. I stole the picture above from there.

UPDATE UPDATE: The "first novel's club" post will be up later this week. Check back often. DO IT. Or add it to your RSS feed. Or both. DO IT.


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Dec. 13th, 2010 04:04 pm (UTC)
Wait, I lied: I actually have one more event coming up! It's an online talk with a cyber school. THEN I'm resting. Someone tell my children to let me rest.
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