JOSH BERK (jberkj) wrote,

MasterDERT Theatre: Guy Langman, Crime Scene Procrastinator as read by Kimberly Derting

Hi Everyone! Remember MasterBerk Theatre, where I pretentiously read from my friends' books? Sure you do. You love it. Well now I have flipped the script. Literally. Okay, not literally, because if I flipped the script literally it would be hard to read. Annnnnyway, what I did was ask some friends to read MY book as guests on MBT! Which is why this week we have MasterDERT Theatre, where Kim Derting reads from GUY LANGMAN, CRIME SCENE PROCRASTINATOR! It came out so great. Kim is so awesome. She even wears an ascot! That's dedication, friends. And awesomeness. Enjoy! 

(Here's the link if the above embed be not embedded: )
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