JOSH BERK (jberkj) wrote,


Here's another really fun chapter I did at a writing workshop. Those kids were great! I had an awesome Watson:


       PRO: Field trips are better than sitting in school suffering all day.        

       CON: The chaperone is Mr. Transvaal. He’s the worst. He smells like rotten orange peels, apples, and pig food. I suspect he might be a clinically insane, sociopathic hobo. Why do they let him teach 7th grade Social Studies? It’s a travesty. I can’t even.

       PRO: We’re going to Courier Mountain Castle. I don’t actually care about the dusty old castle and all the weird junk they keep in there, I’m just glad there’s a Starbucks across the street.

       CON: Mr. Transvaal despises all technology. He’s constantly going on about how smartphones are making us all dumb. He’s already threatened to confiscate any phone he sees on the trip. I already have two strikes against me. And I really love my new phone.
       In conclusion, the cons outweigh the pros.
       In other words, this trip is gonna suck.

(Note: And then, during the trip, she tries to take a selfie, gets spun by a wasp and spins around all crazy taking tons of pictures. After they leave, they discover that the castle has been robbed! And she might have evidence of the culprit in those pictures! But the phone has been confiscated by the evil Mr. Transvaal...)
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